Synergy E5 Battery Tray - 6S

Finally, there is a simple and inexpensive way to secure and remove the flight battery for your Synergy E5. That flight battery can be a very tight fit and difficult to wrestle in and out of the frames once you put Velcro™ strips on the bottom plate and the battery - which are needed to hold it in place. Extracting the battery can be especially difficult to do without potentaily damaging the battery.

This battery tray for the E5 solves that problem. A 6S battery is attached to the tray using the usual Velcro™ strips, then the entire assembly slides into the frames, snaps into place and fits in front of the center bulkhead. The standard Velcro™ straps that are included with the helicopter can then be used to secure everything. The combination of a positive lock into the bottom plate and the straps securely hold the battery, yet it is easy to remove after a flight.

Available as a 3-Pack!


  • Lightweight - less than 21 grams
  • Works with a 6S pack and fits in front of center bulkhead
  • Simple installation - snaps securely into position
  • Notches along the edges allow for additional Velcro™ straps to be used if desired
  • Uses existing mounting locations on helicopter frames - no modifications to the helicopter are needed
  • No extra hardware or moving parts
  • Available in multiple colors

Color Option
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$11.95 each

Note: These color samples are representational only. The actual colors may vary slightly.
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